4 Can't-Mess-Up Ways to Introduce a New Color to a Room

4 Can't-Mess-Up Ways to Introduce a New Color to a Room

Adrienne Breaux
May 20, 2015

Want to liven up - or adjust the mood — of a room by incorporating a new color that you've never used in your palette before? Stick to these four simple tips for bringing in a bold new color that might not exist in your space yet — and make it feel like it belongs rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Bring in multiple shades of the color you want to introduce

If you want to introduce a new color into a room, think about bringing in multiple shades of a color. That way you're not trying to make one color float alone on its own; you're bringing in a few of its cousins, adding depth and richness to this new color into your palette. (The above shot does, in fact, have colors spread around the room, but the multiple shades idea is illustrated with the pillows alone.)

Repeat an element in the color you want

Perhaps the easiest way to successfully bring in a new color into a room without it feeling like it doesn't go with the rest of your decor is to bring in multiple elements of that color. Repeat the color a few times in a concentrated area and the addition of that color will feel intentional. This example found in Inside Out.

Make a vignette of three different elements with that color

Three's the magic number when you want to do anything and make it seem intentional. But rather than spreading those three pops of a new color in a space (like we usually recommend), concentrate the color in one expertly curated vignette, instead.

Try it out with flowers first (or something else temporary)

Before you make a permanent decision to add a new, never-before-seen color to a room, try it first with some more temporary, like a plant or a flower. Something you can bring into your space and see if you like the look of a pop of color like that in your room, or if you'd rather not add that particular hue in just yet.

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