4 Easy Ways to Celebrate Nature in Your Decor

4 Easy Ways to Celebrate Nature in Your Decor

Adrienne Breaux
May 29, 2015

Love the outdoors? Wish it was represented just a bit more strongly in your space? Looking for an idea that isn't just bring more plants in? These four small but easily doable ideas should help you celebrate nature in your decor a bit more.

Mount it like art

Take your favorite elements of nature — fresh flower bouquet, shells, dried flowers — and mount them on the wall like art. Install small wall-mounted vases for fresh flowers, frame a collage of shells, etc.

Branch out

Branches are a super cheap way to add in not just a feel of nature, but also drama. Because they don't need water, you can display them in vases on tables, but you can also get creative to hang them from the ceiling, lean them in a corner, make them into room dividers and more.

Hang an array

There's something very powerful about arranging a handful of potted plants and hanging them from a line, creating a hanging art piece of live green things. Keep the hanging heights even for a uniform look, or vary the heights for a bohemian feel.

Capture and coordinate

Showing off your favorite landscapes in beautiful, oversize photos on the wall is a always a great way to celebrate nature in the home. But go a step further and use color — splashed on the wall behind it or on an architectural feature near it — to coordinate and complement the nature photo, making it even more powerful in the space.

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