Moving Lessons NOT to Learn the Hard Way

Moving Lessons NOT to Learn the Hard Way

Adrienne Breaux
May 14, 2015

Though you end up in a fresh new space at the end, there's really no getting around it: Moving sucks. Sometimes moving means making mistakes and learning lessons. Save yourself the future trouble by reading about these mistakes so you don't have to learn these hard lessons yourself!

1. It always costs more than you expect

It's not just deposits that cost money — from moving boxes to bubble wrap to cleaning supplies and more — it can sometimes feel like you're hemorrhaging money in the first few days before and after a move. So consider creating a "what you'll need" kit before you even pack a box that includes small things — cleaning supplies (that you can pack from your old place), paper towels, old wash rags, furniture sliders, and other handy things. Having this done ahead of time will save you from those last minute "just buy the first thing you find" shopping trips. To complete your kit, ask a seasoned just-moved friend or think back to your last move and try to remember all the stuff you ended up having to buy last minute (hello shower curtain liner and bathroom trash can, always).

2. It's gonna take you longer to clean and move the last bits than it did moving all the rest of your stuff combined

Or at least it's sure going to feel like it. At the end it always feels like I have a bunch of small things that end up taking me 20 trips to get into the moving van. Cut that out by simply taking the effort to bag or box these smaller things. Cleaning can be cut down by cleaning room by room the month or so before you move — so that come moving day you're only having to clean those hard-to-get spots and giving the rest of the space a fresh swipe.

3. Don't pack "tired-of-moving" mystery boxes —they'll stay packed for months

All that small stuff we mentioned early? Don't box it all up randomly in boxes that are the equivalent of a mobile junk drawer. It'll be harder to unpack when you get to the new place because you won't quite know what area the stuff goes in and it'll always feel like an overwhelming task knowing you're going to have to find homes for it. Pack your stuff into boxes that go with certain rooms and areas so you can make getting it into new homes much easier.

4. Renter's remorse is real and can sometimes ruin the first few days of a new place...if you let it

Any big life decision can come with doubt and insecurity when the realness of the situation really sinks in. Sometimes things you didn't notice can come to the surface —making you regret moving in the first place. "Was that street noise that loud when I saw the place?" "I don't remember there being so many stairs!" Don't let these last-minute regrets make you question your decision to choose the new home you're now filling with your stuff. Simply recognize these unpleasant and unwanted thoughts for what they are (temporary nervous worries) and refocus your thoughts on something you love about your new place. Renter's remorse will be gone before you know it.

What moving lessons have you learned the hard way? Share your cautionary tales to help others in future moves.

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