5 Quick Ways to Make Your Bed Look New By Bedtime (No Power Tools Required)

5 Quick Ways to Make Your Bed Look New By Bedtime (No Power Tools Required)

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 28, 2015

While new bed frames and DIY headboards are a great way to spice up the bedroom and make your bed feel brand new, you don't always have to go so dramatic with your changes to make a visual difference. If you want to add a little bit of fun and intrigue to your bed today but don't particularly feel like painting or sanding, try one of these five small but potent ideas instead.

Put something at the foot of your bed

Choose a bench, a few floor pillows, a couple of side tables, a trunk...heck get creative! This underutilized space in your bedroom won't just look a little more dynamic visually after you fill it with something you could shop from the rest of your home, it'll also increase the functionality of your space if you play your cards right.

Tuck (or untuck) a different way than you ever have

Are you a loose draper? A tight tucker? A modern, crisp-cornered folder? A casual, magazine-worthy bohemian arranger? To shake up the look of your bedroom, simply mix up the way you make your bed. You'll have to work with bedding and bed frame constraints, but chances are there's a style of tucking or untucking you haven't tried yet. You might not think that this sort of gesture wouldn't make that big of an impact on your entire bedroom, but the way you make your bed is actually a huge indicator of the kind of mood you're trying to achieve in the room.

Let pattern peek out

Do you have your entire bed covered in bold, busy pattern? Good for you! But if you're seeking a more peaceful bedroom that doesn't bore (or just a new look to play around with), consider switching up your bedding layers so that the pattern peeks out from under more restrained, calmer patterns or solid colored bedding. We like the example spotted above on Inside Out.

Add DIY details to your existing bedding

Bedding can sometimes bust your budget, especially if you're looking for bedding that breaks the mold. But there are DIY details you can add to your existing bedding to make it a little more special and stand out. Consider dying or DIYing pattern on your pillow cases. Think about adding pom-poms or tassels to your blankets. The above example spotted on SF Girl by Bay.

Colorblock by mis-matching sheets and other elements

I sometimes do this by accident (especially the closer to laundry day I get) but this idea can look even better when you try it out intentionally. Instead of applying a sheet set that matches on your bed, "color block" your bedding by mixing the bold pillow cases of one sheet set with the equally bold top and bottom sheets of another bold and solid-colored sheet set. Top things off with more colors in throw pillows, duvets and more. Incorporate creative folding to show off the "blocks" of color. This idea works best with elements that are solid colors themselves, making the "blocks" bigger and more purposeful, but try experimenting with whatever you have to change the look.

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