5 Tips For A Well Designed Home

5 Tips For A Well Designed Home

Laure Joliet
Mar 5, 2009

Yesterday we posted about David Jimenez's stylish Palm Springs Getaway and how to apply his style to a small space. We noticed in a past interview with him that he listed the 5 things a well designed home needs. We were surprised to find that his tips were all about the senses, not furniture layout. Rather sound, smell, lighting, and taste figure prominently. So no matter what style or budget you've got you can apply his advice for a more comfortable home (perfect for game night!). Jump below for the tips:

What 5 things does a well designed home need?

1. An eclectic mix of furniture- Smart looking rooms don't need to be expensive. Flea markets and thrift stores offer a great way to pick up unique finds without breaking the bank.

2. Chic Lamps with dim lighting- Forget the overheads. Pick up some cool lamps, experiment with different style shades and make a commitment to dim lighting-your friends will thank you.

We've found incredible lamps via craiglist and our local thirft stores starting at about $5. Add one more lamp than you think you'll need to a room and see how much warmer and 'pulled together' it feels. And if you're in need of lamp shades, Target and Lamps Plus have great affordable options.

3. Smart sound system- Every well designed home deserves a kick ass sound system. Get one that sounds bassy and that has volume control by room.

This one is probably the hardest one to do on a budget. What we recommend if you're lacking a decent sound system is to compensate by having a great playlist. We have a version of this speaker system and it does fine in our small space.

4. A good scent- Like a mother's hug when you walk in the door, a good scent in your home is equivalent to wearing a great scent when you leave the house.

Try one of these DIY Air fresheners to keep things fresh.

5. A signature drink- You may not be a great cook, but having a signature drink means in many ways you may not need to cook. Pick one great drink and have it become your trademark.

This is a tip that we talk about in the Cure. When inviting people over, keep it simple and offer one signature drink. This is a great opportunity to help an old fashioned drink make a come back or just learn how to make a drink you've never made before. For some great ideas and inspiration, check out the kitchn's archive of cocktails

What would you add to this list, or take away, for a well designed home?

Excerpt is from a longer interview that AT conducted with David in September 2007.

Image via Emma's Design Blogg.

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