5 Tips for Productivity: Improving the Daily Desk Flow

5 Tips for Productivity: Improving the Daily Desk Flow

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 31, 2009

Have a messy desk? Guilty here. Just upgraded to Snow Leopard? Guilty again. Well, if you're like us, you've still got the packaging material, discs, and a pile of papers cluttering up our desks. It's time to clean up folks, especially now that it's the new school year for all you students out there, and business quarter for the working crowd. Five tips await you, after the jump.

Below are five tips to freshen up your desk flow, improve your productivity, and help you kick-start this new fiscal year:

1. Keep immediacies nearby. This means notepads, pens, and your daily grabbers. The rest need to go away in a closet or desk drawers. Less clutter = more room to focus on the things that need attention. More here.

2. Get in touch with nature. When we interviewed with the Born Rich blog, Nandini said, "I am proud of is the scenery that lies outside our office window. We literally work in the lap of the majestic Himalayas so it's the scenic beauty... Anytime you feel weary or run out of ideas, you just need to step out, enjoy the fresh air, spend a few minutes admiring the snowy peaks and you feel rejuvenated again in no time."

3. Get your App on. Having the right pieces of software that are made for the job, the quicker you'll get things done.

4. If all fails, go for dual screens. More screen estate has been proven to up the ante on productivity. Give it a go! You might just love it... (or desperately depend on it, like us).

5. Work with the cloud. If you're one with the cloud, you'll have more immediate access to a single, synchronized e-mail account, folder with all of your documents, and calendars that stick with you while you go. The power of convenience and time management is priceless.

Have a productivity tip to share? Let us know in the comments!

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