A First Birthday Time Capsule

A First Birthday Time Capsule

Richard Popovic
Mar 14, 2012

As my daughter's first birthday approached I became obsessed with trying to devise a way to make it memorable. Not in a 'lavish party with a bouncy-castle' kind of way — more of an overly-sentimental yet heartfelt effort to mark a momentous event. An elaborate scavenger hunt I recently developed for my nieces got me thinking about the thrill of discovery, and that led me to the concept of a time capsule. Since she will not remember anything about her first birthday, I will preserve snapshots of it for her.

Is it naive of me to think my eighteen-year-old daughter will not consider this completely lame? Maybe, but I am nothing if not optimistic and hope that she just might find it sort of cool. I am including photos and a newspaper from the day, an account of how we spent her birthday, the candle from her birthday cupcake and a letter from me and her mom. The contents will be zipped inside a heavy duty plastic freezer bag, which will then be placed into a cookie tin. I will then bury it somewhere in the yard, to be dug up on her eighteenth birthday.

The difficult part for me will be to stifle my nerdy love of maps and treasure hunts and not make her go through a clue-infested map and compass course to find it. That could definitely push it into the 'lame' category.

There is plenty more room in the tin. I would love to hear more ideas for things to include. What would you put in there?

(Image: Richard Popovic)

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