Alice, Should I Take A Road Trip With a Food Phobic Friend?

Alice, Should I Take A Road Trip With a Food Phobic Friend?

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Jun 9, 2015
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Dear Alice,

I need some advice. I hit it off right away with a new office colleague. We have some passions in common but with one particular exception. I had him at my house for my first summer bbq and he admitted to me that he was a very, very picky eater. He doesn't like vegetables or fruits or weird meats or fish. He mostly eats chicken fingers, potatoes, fries, pasta, plain pizza etc... I'm a definite foodie and an ex-vegetarian who loves to cook healthy and adventurously. I travel a lot and am not afraid to try everything once (bugs, blood, organs...). I don't expect everyone to get on board with my adventurous appetite but I'm having trouble visualizing what our future hangouts will look like. I know that there's more to a relationship than eating out or cooking but I'm the kind of person who feels guilty going to a fairly normal restaurant (like Indian, Thai, Chinese...) knowing that the other person is uncomfortable. We may be planning a road trip to the coast this summer and he doesn't eat or like fish. Is it silly to be hung up on his personality trait? I'd hate to miss out on new and fun experiences because of my friend's weird phobia.

Moody Foodie

Dear Moody Foodie,

Don't do it. It's so great that you made a new friend and you should absolutely continue that relationship over activities that don't involve food, but a road trip seems like recipe for disaster.

You'll be driving all day, seeing the sights and — for you — planning where you will eat each meal! That's the fun part of traveling for you. Do you really want to miss out on the local fare because you had to find a place with plain pasta for your friend? That will just build resentment and probably affect your friendship.

By all means, spend time with your friend, but go hiking or to a baseball game and take someone else on the road trip.



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