Anatomy Fun: Humans & Horses & Pigs, Oh My!

Anatomy Fun: Humans & Horses & Pigs, Oh My!

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 9, 2009

When we were little, we loved flipping through the different medical books in our house, checking out all the different "stuff" that was inside our body. We thought for sure all of that "stuff" must come later when we were all grown up, because there was no way it all fit inside of us! Once we could read the pages instead of just looking at the pictures it became quit clear how it all worked, which is why we just love these different anatomy toys geared for kids....

Kids are always intrigued by toys or things in their rooms they can relate to. Knowing that what's inside a pig is kind of like what's inside of you can help them relate to more things in the world of science and in our relationships with animals as well.

There's also a Mother With Child version that can help children learn about what's going on inside of Mom before their new sibling arrives. There are cartoon boobies, so for those viewing at work, we thought it best to let you click through to check it out yourself!

Here's where to find them:
Your Body Puzzle: $25 from UnCommon Goods. Five layers of outer and inner body, including the nervous, digestive, muscular, skin and clothed layers. Contains 29 pieces and comes in boy or girl version. Made of birch wood and child-safe water-based paints.

3D Anitomical Animal Puzzles: $28-$40 at UnCommon Goods. These highly detailed puzzles come with organs, bones and muscles so you can build your animal from the inside out. Available in horse (26 pieces), cow (29 pieces) or pig (19 pieces).

(Image: UnCommon Goods)

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