Angelique's Crafty Bohemian Family Home

Angelique's Crafty Bohemian Family Home

Sarah Han
Sep 3, 2009

Name: Angelique Lalonde, Catherine Lalonde, Jessica Ziakin
Location: East Burnside, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Size: 3 Bedrooms
Years lived in: 3 years rented

Our friend and photographer Phillip was recently in Victoria, B.C. visiting his friend Angelique. During his stay he learned that the landlord was selling the house and that Angelique, her sister Catherine and roommate Jessica would soon have to move out and find new homes. Phillip -- who has always loved the place for its charming, homey feel and the wonderful times he's spent in it -- decided to document it, so he could always revisit his dear friend's former home, and so he could share it with you.

This house tour is not like most because Angelique did not prepare and clean her home for it to be showcased. What you see is her home, in its natural state, which is fitting for her free-spirited personality and lifestyle. While not a modern showcase home, Angelique's former abode (they moved out on September 1) is a family home -- a place where all four Lalonde sisters lived in at one time in their lives, a place their mother came to stay for visits, a place where two dogs (John Black and Jobe) and one cat (Mortimer) co-existed and were friends, a place in which babies were born and a roommate/friend was married. An artist and part time yoga teacher who is getting a Ph.D. in anthropology, Angelique is more off-the-grid than connected, and definitely more country than city slicker (her dream is to live on a farm). Cool and vibrant blues and greens dominate her home's color palate, which makes sense for a nature lover. Her surroundings, like her, are whimsical, mysterious and alluring, yet welcoming and not contrived.

AT Survey:

My/Our style: Eclectic Overgrown

Inspiration: Light, time, things that draw the interior attention in the exterior world

Favorite Element: Charm verging on dilapidation and the fact that this allows me to hang drawings and paintings pretty much wherever I want.

Biggest Challenge: The tension between things, consumption and space and the relationships things mediate/express/create, the line between the weight of things and the comforts they create

What Friends Say: You have a lot of things, your plants are amazing.

Biggest Embarrassment: The gross stained carpet in the basement used to be embarrassing, but it's gone now.

Proudest DIY: I think my sister did an amazing job turning a disgusting basement room with fluorescent bar lights, a tiny barred window, and a stained carpet (we won't go into details) into a livable space: re-wiring, painting, removing carpet and laying rugs down on cement.

Biggest Indulgence: Lately it has been the garden for me, I spend money on dirt and pots. The other thing I spend money on is food and vintage tablecloths and dish cloths.

Best advice: It's a rental, which means you may have to leave it sometime. Houses get bought and sold and even though they are homes, they are also things that are bought and sold.

Dream source: I like stuff that is inexpensive, discovered, given or free. We sometimes drive to a little town just North of Victoria where a lot of elderly people live to thrift store shop. I have found some pretty good treasures there. We also enjoy kitchen consignment stores.

Appliances: All-Temp Appliances

Hardware: Was here when we moved in.

Furniture:, my mom, various thrift stores

Accessories: travels around the city and other cities, garage sales, thrift stores, craft group

Lighting: lots of found lamps, we heart lamps and incandescent lights

Paint: the Re-Store (cheap leftover paint from renos or mistints, proceeds to Habitat for Humanity), Canadian Tire

Flooring: Old scuffed up hardwood, off-white laminate, cement floors in basement, and there is some really neat old 50s laminate in the bedroom upstairs which was super water-stained and had a moldy carpet on it. I took up the carpet and painted the laminate blue, leaving a rectangular patch like a window in the floor where the laminate wasn't too damaged.

Rugs and Carpets: we really like those little rug/wall hangings that you can get from thrift stores with British Colonial scenes on them. We have two black dogs who shed everywhere so not having carpets and having washable rugs is handy

Beds: I have a memory foam bed, which I really like, although I find sometimes it doesn't breathe super well

Artwork: Most of the artwork is mine, or the work of friends. I have hosted two art shows at my house, the last of which was a group show highlighting the work of the women I have spent the last 5 years crafting with. Hosting art shows at home provides the impetus to clear space and redecorate around the art pieces.

(Thanks, Angelique!)

Images: Phillip Maisel

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