Anything Goes? Dog-Walking Wear

Anything Goes? Dog-Walking Wear

Tess Wilson
Jan 25, 2013

One of my four jobs is dog-sitting, which I love and take very seriously. However, after a stint of back-to-back dog-sitting gigs, I noted to a friend, "If I had a dog of my own in the city, I'd give it about two weeks before I'm taking her on walks in my underwear."

When I wrote How Hot Do You Look At Home? last year, a few readers were appalled that I'd suggest that the aesthetics of the inhabitants might influence the style, feel, and experience of a home, but most people had cute and interesting things to say. One commenter wrote, "If you want to take a sample of what people wear while they're at home, look at what people are wearing to walk their dogs at 6am or 10pm. I have seen people go out in less clothing than would be appropriate at the beach, all the way to smoking jackets and things to be found on street style blogs." While I find this insightful and adorable, I think having to take the dogs out at intervals adds a delicious element of randomness to our ensembles. Maybe I'm lounging in a perfectly-appropriate nightgown and slippers… but if one of the dogs needs to go out, I'll throw on gym shoes, a hoodie, and maybe my winter dress coat, with some inside-out leggings pulled on underneath it all. If I'm sleeping in proper pyjamas but one of the older dogs needs to go out in the middle of the night, then perhaps I'll add rainboots, a sweatshirt, and my trench coat. Street style bloggers, get a load of me!

I guess it's really the late-night/early-morning dog walks that I'm discussing here. When it's so late nobody's out, or when it's so early it's still dark, it's hard to get motivated to start your outfit from scratch. Just throw on layers as needed! I would never run to the corner store or the mailbox in such a disheveled state, but somehow having a dog at my side says, "I'm basically still at home, everybody". Home is where your dog is!

What do you consider acceptable for taking your dogs out, day or night? Does this change if you have friends/colleagues/crushes in your neighborhood? Are you like the lady in red above, and look more pulled-together taking your dogs out than the rest of us will on our wedding days? Do you secretly love the fashion mash-ups you see on other dog-owners? Tell all!

(Image:Erin & Rob's Stylish & Glam Family Pad)

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