AT on... Collections We Could Do Without

AT on... Collections We Could Do Without

Amber Byfield
Sep 17, 2009

Yesterday we showed you some of our favorite thrifted collections, where one person's trash became another's treasure. We're fans of collections with value, sentimental or otherwise, but what about those collections that become, well, obsolete? We can think of two vast collections at home that we'd be happy to part with...

We have a few hundred DVDs and CDs. Of course, this collection began before downloadable media really took off, but now we've got all these plastic cases filled with disks that we rarely use. Especially now that we're living without a TV, we lack the desire to actually pick out a DVD we've already seen and watch it again. And now that most of our CDs are digital, and we don't have a CD player except on the computer... You get the point.

The long and the short of it comes to this: If we'd known then what we know now—that we could buy almost the same thing (as we're not audiophiles) without having used up the resources—we certainly would have. It'd make moving a lot easier, that's for sure!

That said, we're not sure what the next potentially avoidable collection will be. As more media goes digital, we're happy to support artists and filmmakers by purchasing their wares online rather than on disk, but we can imagine that audiophiles and videophiles don't share that same sentiment.

What do you think?

(Image: Flickr member schaacku, licensed under Creative Commons.)

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