Beautifully Organized: Linen Closets, Cupboards, & Shelves

Beautifully Organized: Linen Closets, Cupboards, & Shelves

Tess Wilson
Jan 17, 2015

Do any of you have linen closets? We have a little linen cubby under the stairs (which I like to refer to as the Harry Potter-loving 8-year-old's bedroom) but a girl can dream...

No linen closet? No problem. I think Built Wedding's linen cupboard featured in Better Homes & Gardens is so smart because it holds everything snugly while also providing a handy horizontal surface. It could add much-needed spread-out space in a bathroom, or double as a coffee table or nightstand in a small home.

I use this genius pillowcase idea from the cupboard in the January 2011 issue of Martha Stewart, but since we currently only own one extra set of sheets, it's not that impressive. We do own about 30 random pillowcases for some reason, so maybe I'll shove all of those into the best-looking one and call it a day.

I so appreciate this linen closet from Real Simple because it's one of the few I found that actually feels full (without being crammed, of course). I especially liked this bit of advice: '“The closet floor is where items get tossed and then lost,” says Chip. But fill that spot with a rolling bin and it stays debris-free and functional."- and not just because I desperately want one of those Steele bins.

And this was one of the few I found that contained what I consider to be a reasonable amount of stuff. We have a foldout couch for guests, so our little linen cupboard has to hold guest sheets, blankets, and pillows, as well as the usual towels, beach towels, serious winter blankets, and all those pillowcases. San Francisco Organized Interiors would not be impressed with the pillow explosion that happens every time I open the cupboard door.

Here's my theory: if you make things really pretty (or whatever adjective and aesthetic you prefer), you'll be inspired to keep them pretty. Ordinary shelves? Eh, whatever, let them get all jumbled. Pretty, pretty eyelet-trimmed shelves from Martha Stewart Living June 2005? Let's keep those babies looking their best!

(Image credit: Marcia Prentice)

An amazing armoire makes for an excellent linen closet stand-in in Caitlin's an Artist Retreat in the Hills. I would not be able to sleep at night with scarves and belts hanging from it and art leaning against a chair, but I am ridiculous.

I added this photo from Martha Stewart to my inspiration binder because I loved everything about this bathroom— and because I couldn't ever imagine having a linen closet. The open shelving would ensure that I'd keep things nice and neat, and the color conveniently matches my favorite toenail polish.

These nearly empty shelves from Coordinately Yours by Julie Blanner makes me laugh almost as hard as Martha Stewart's Drawer for 4 Pairs of Scissors does. I don't think I've ever had this much available shelf space in my entire adult life, let alone available just for my linens. All joking and jealousy aside, I like Julie's labels and tips such as "Remove everything from the closet" before putting it back together.

Let's go out on a...high note! I had to show you this intensely organized closet from County Seat Living because it's like seeing my own personality and habits and love of labeling taken to such an extreme. But it's all relative, right? There are people who feel the same way about my hand-labelled spice jars and craft supplies as I feel about this nice person's labelled and beribboned rolls of toilet paper. Go for it, I say!

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