Best Kids Parties: Pony Party

Best Kids Parties: Pony Party

Dabney Frake
Mar 6, 2013

Name: Addie, 3
Location: Bay Area, CA

Due to a last minute change in party dates, I had no time to order pretty party supplies from my favorite places. I was able to order some swirly lollipops and miniature horses as favors (thank you Amazon Prime), but ultimately the local Party City and I had to kiss and make up after several years of avoiding one another. I purchased tons of crepe streamers, a little bit of gold foil wrapping paper, and a few honeycomb balls and called it good. 

I recently bought a fun book by illustrator Heather Ross (I mentioned her in my inspiration post) that included a disc full of her whimsical prints to use for the projects in the book. I ended up printing my favorite ones and making party hats out of them. I saved the leftover scraps to make something out of because I couldn't bear to throw those pretty designs away (dorky, I know)!

I couldn't find a pinata I liked (surprised?), so I ended up making one of my own. I free handed a horse head on to an old moving box and cut it out. I traced the shape on to more cardboard and cut that out too. I then taped three inch strips of cardboard from leftover cereal boxes (about 1.5) to both sides, creating a three dimensional effect and connecting the whole thing together. I used crepe streamers, double sided tape, and pipe cleaners (for the eye and hook at top) to decorate the pony. I have to admit, I was a little mad at that thing by the time I was done...

I also made a big prize ribbon out of the gold wrapping paper and some small blank ones for guests to color. The crepe streamers got all fringed up and hung and Addie's horse collection was on display with tiny party hats added here and there. There was also a pony tattoo station and a tiny tall cake (the layers were baked in custard ramekins).

Jeremy made an awesome spread of food and appetizers including potato and bacon bites, pea and mint pesto, pizza, ham and pickle bites, and much more. My children are so lucky to have a Dad who makes everything from scratch, including bread and butter cream frosting!

All in all, it was a great party, even though the almost-three year old had a few meltdowns (see last photo for a visual). Luckily, she rallied and the party ended on a high-note with some winter-coat wearing, starry night pinata bashing! Thank you to everyone who helped and who came to celebrate our sweet Addie! 

Thanks, Randi! Readers, check out what else Randi is capable of, over at Swoon Studio.

(Images:Swoon Studio)


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