Better Living Through Technology: New Year, New You

Better Living Through Technology: New Year, New You

Chris Perez
Jan 9, 2012

We're back again this week to help you keep your New Years resolutions in check. This multi-part series looks at some of the top resolutions and drops helpful hints on how you can let technology hold you accountable. In today's edition we show you our favorite ways to let technology help you "Cook More and Eat Healthier."

Eat Healthy
You can do all the working out you want, but if you're not putting good food in your body you're missing out on your real potential. Luckily there are several online options out there that can elevate our culinary prowess past the take-out and onto the cook-out. Get motivated to fire up those oven burners with healthy recipes from these resources.

The Inspiration

The Kitchn
Our sister site has yummy appetizing pictures, and a huge backlog of great recipes. Get acquainted now by checking out the Best Salads and Best Pastas recipes.

I love this site and its beautiful when viewed on your tablet. Simply browse through the stellar food photos while you're on the couch or drinking your morning coffee, and in no time you'll start getting excited for what YOU are going to make today. Another great feature is the "I Crave" and "I Have" buttons that help narrow your search so you find just what you want.

Food Network Magazine
This is my favorite magazine for meal planning during the week. The picture index at the front features all the recipes within the magazines pages, and is pure genius. Every month is loaded with recipes that use in-season ingredients, and hardly ever let you down. Its available as a digital download on your iPad as well, but they haven't integrated it into NewsStand yet so its way more affordable as an annual print subscription.

The Tools

Grocery Apps
I always have my smartphone handy when meal planning from the great resources above. When I find something I want to cook, I start writing down the necessary ingredients on my grocery list app of choice. For the iPhone that app is Groceries, for Android its Mighty Grocery. Both feature easy ways to create a grocery list organized by department, so you're efficient in those cramped grocery store aisles. The voice-to-text features for listing necessary ingredients works well also.

Organizer & Task Apps
Ever get home with all those groceries and produce and forget exactly what you where going to make? I know I do, so that's why I also write down the recipes, with page numbers or links, in my favorite To-Do or Task App. I personally like 2do on the iPhone, for Android check out Any.DO. I have a "Menu" Tab where I list all the recipes I plan to make for the week, and if they turned out great, I promote them to a "Favorite Recipes" tab for reference later.

Tablet Stand
Invest in a small portable stand for your tablet, and bring that magical device into your kitchen. I have the Movie-Peg for my iPad and think its great for reading through a recipe while you cook. Its small, cheap, adjustable, and made of rubber so I don't have to worry about getting it dirty.


Enjoy the tips and good luck keeping your resolution to "Cook More and Eat Healthier!"

If you missed Part 1: Get Fit, check it out here.

Images: Chris Perez

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