Challenge: Something Fresh for Your Home Each Month

Challenge: Something Fresh for Your Home Each Month

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 3, 2012

In the past, whenever we've talked about putting fresh flowers in your home once a week, there's always a little fall out. Not because we're all flower haters, but because it can seem like a frivolous expense. So this year, instead of limiting myself to flowers I'm doing a 12 month anything-fresh challenge. Want to try it with me?

Even though flowers are easy and they bring much needed life into a space, my budget is tight like many of our readers. Though there are many inexpensive flower options, picking up a new bunch once a week is still money that could be spent on my home or personal needs elsewhere.

To keep the feeling of fresh and what it brings to my home, I'm expanding the world of flowers and making a commitment to bring something new into my home each month and make it something that livens the place up and gives you that something special.

To do this, I'm taking on that list of small house purchases that always seem a little silly when you're at the store. Pretty soap containers, small dishes to hold jewelry at night, socks that make you smile, a special additive for your coffee or morning cup of tea, even a new light switch or cover for that funky one in the bedroom you just choose to ignore.

Even though these are all things that don't have a huge impact, they are things for your home that make you smile, but when purchased outright it's easy to leave Target thinking, "I just spent $60 on nothing." A single purchase once a month will curb my household spending and increase my happiness by still getting what I want when it comes to the little things. I'm sure there will be flowers along the way, but for now, my goal is to channel my funds into all those little things I can never justify buying when there's other pressing things to buy — like the new Futurama Box set. Kidding. (maybe)

Image: Flickr member nimbu licensed for use by Creative Commons

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