Here Are a Few (Abstract) Ideas to Get Your Christmas Wish List Started

Here Are a Few (Abstract) Ideas to Get Your Christmas Wish List Started

Taryn Williford
Dec 9, 2015
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Stumped with your wish list? Me too. I'm truly fortunate, and have everything I could ever need, and most of the things I want. Still, the holidays are a time for giving, and your friends and family have likely been asking about your Christmas or Hanukkah list lately. Here are some thought-starters to help you out.

Yes, the best gifts are personal. And no, you shouldn't expect gifts from anyone in your life, even at the holidays. But if anyone's been asking for your list, they're likely out of ideas and really, really want to get you a gift. Help them out a little bit and suggest for them some things you'd be excited to receive.

Things You Need

These are the "grandma" gifts. You know, the stuff you probably hated to get as a kid, but that you're nearly thrilled by these days? Think socks, towels, scarves, slippers, hand warmers and other things to get you through the winter.

Upgrades & Replacements

So you have all you need, but is there anything that could be made better? Think about your old chipped coffee mugs or the worn-out camping chair you've taken to too many tailgates.

Books or Other Media

When I'm stuck for ideas of what I'd like to receive, I always turn to media. Any movies you want to see? Books you haven't read yet? Albums you have to hear? (We've heard the new Adele record is pretty great.) Get a list together and note how you like to watch, read or listen to them (Blu-Ray? Kindle books? Vinyl?).

Experiences and New Skills

When you have everything else you could ever need, maybe you'd like the chance to learn something new.


If you can't think of what you need, let somebody else pick it out for you. Month after month after month.

Gift Cards

Maybe the problem isn't what you need, but what you have room for–whether that "room" is the carry-on luggage you're taking to Christmas or the tiny apartment you're coming back home to. In this case, gift cards to your favorite places aren't a cop-out, they're a space-saver.

Share your ideas in the comments for people who are stumped with their wish lists.

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