Cool Vintage Film Tins Find New Use In Your Space

Cool Vintage Film Tins Find New Use In Your Space

Taryn Williford
Mar 6, 2009

We've seen people re-use tech packaging for home decor before in our post about reusing Apple's MacBook shipping styrofoam to create a unique 3D wallpaper. We've got another idea for you now, but it's gonna require a little bit of thrift store hunting ...or just a trip to Etsy or E-Bay! Don't you love the internet?

Spotted on GeekSugar, we've never seen these vintage aluminum Kodak film canisters. We're just used to the plastic black-and-gray ones that our mom used to store spare change or craft supplies in.

But there's no reason you can't use these way cooler and better looking vintage canisters for all the same things those plastic ones were handy for. Use them in the kitchen to hold spices. (If you've got the tools and the time, drill holes in the top to make unique tech salt and pepper shakers) Use them in the bathroom (with or without lids) to hold pills, Q-Tips or small makeup brushes. Use them anywhere in the house to plant tiny seedlings and make yourself a little Kodak windowsill garden.

We also love the idea of tying one with a small ribbon and using it as a stylish and thoughtful gift holder for things like—pay attention, boys—small jewelry.

We spotted some vintage canisters for sale on Etsy and E-Bay, and they all run about $2-$5 a piece. A small price to pay for something so cool. We're not sure if it's all original coloring or if some have been painted, but we've spotted them in green, blue, white, orange, pink and red, so you can find (or paint) a color to suit your tastes.

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