You Can Buy $400,000 Diamonds At Costco When Picking Up Your $2 Hot Dogs

You Can Buy $400,000 Diamonds At Costco When Picking Up Your $2 Hot Dogs

Ana Luisa Suarez
Apr 21, 2018

Costco literally sells everything. You can get tissues, meat, socks, flowers, trampolines, tasty hot dogs for $2, ice cream, and now apparently, diamonds. Just look between the dustbins and AA batteries!

How many times have you roamed the aisles of Costco, deadset on just getting "what you need" but by the time you got to the register, your total was $560.42? Same.

Costco lures us in with their great prices and bulk items, then keeps us there with their delicious food sample sat every aisle corner. If you don't gorge yourself on samples, then you're probably saving room to get a hot dog and ice cream after you're done paying. Don't feel bad, there is a community of Costco addicts and you're one of us.

Now though, Costco is really coming for us and trying to get every dollar they can. If you're looking to buy expensive diamonds at the same place you buy your toilet paper, look no further.

Sky News reporter Jennifer Bechwati tweeted Sunday, April 15, 2018, that she discovered diamonds for sale between the dustpans and AA batteries.

It turns out, Costco sells a variety of diamond rings in stores and online. Don't fret, not every diamond will cost you nearly half a million dollars!

When you're buying your 32-ounce shampoo and conditioner, you can also toss in a 1.00-carat diamond engagement ring with VS2 clarity ring (costing you just $7,500). Even though this might sound like a joke, Costco really does know that we will buy anything they sell.

If you or your S.O. is diamond shopping at Costco, you can then set up your wedding registry at the retailer!

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