Dabney's January Cure: Week 4

Dabney's January Cure: Week 4

Dabney Frake
Jan 30, 2013

Does anyone else feel like they are limping towards the finish line? Am I really that averse to cleaning? Good lord.

Day 14: Get Papers & Files in Order
We call this - ominously - "the drawer." Have you seen the checkbook? It's in "the drawer." Where did you put that gift card? In "the drawer." It's where stuff lands when it comes through the door, but before it gets permanently filed in the filing cabinet. It holds unpaid bills, important papers, and store credits (Yes, I found our car title under that pile of paper. Classic.) It's also a catchall for small things we don't want to lose but we really don't have a place for, like our neighbor's keys. And then there's the stuff that gets thrown in there right before people come over, like cough drops. We only deal with "the drawer" every once in awhile, so it often explodes when we open it.

Here it is, all cleaned out and spiffy. There are actually trays for paper in there! A bonafide inbox and an outbox! It's also where I keep all my extra exclamation points!

Day 15: Cord Control

Okay, full disclosure. I procrastinated on this one until yesterday, thinking I could do it quickly in two minutes, blog about it, and no one would know the difference. Our cords in general are in good shape, but my main goal was the technology hub above. (Don't you love that I just called it a technology hub, but really it's just a shelf with a bunch of electronic crap on it? I'm fancy.)

So yesterday I sat down and removed all the unneeded cords, then got stuck. With the open wire shelving, there's just no place for them to hide. I did the best I could with camouflage, but I'm starting to think it's the shelving that's bothering me. Maybe I need something enclosed to hide all those unsightly supplies and stuff.

Day 16: Bathroom Cleanout

We have a ridiculous amount of storage space in our bathroom, so this was just a matter of organizing things, and tackling my drawer in our vanity. (These are both the "after" shots.) A few things I learned in the process: 1) When the Apocalypse comes, I will thankfully be able to see for quite some time; and 2) I have more outrageous fake eyelashes than most drag queens.

This is a thing that needs to be collectively addressed as a nation. How many plastic bags to you have kicking around with travel size toiletries? Be honest now.

Hey, here's something I find handy, if you're interested: use old milk glass dental trays to organize jewelry and other bathroom stuff. They have their own dividers, and they are super pretty. You can usually find them on eBay for about $10 each.

Day 17: Living Room Lighting
Our living room lighting needs some serious help. We have a ceiling fan overhead, but never use the overhead light. There's a line of pendant lights over our "window seat" in the front of the room but, besides that, we really only have one table lamp on one side of the couch. It's pretty dark at night as a result. Except for the safety light from our neighbor's house that shines right into our house, but that's a whole other post.

Day 18: Weekend Chores
I've managed to gloss over this for the past few weeks, but I actually bought flowers this week. I can't believe that, of all things, this is the task that's managed to elude me this whole month. I was at a farmers market the other day and a vendor was selling some basic poms for $3. Sold! I am so not a flower arranger, but they made it into a vase and have been a cheerful presence this week.

And once again, I was saved by Ann, who completely vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned the glass coffee table in the living room. This is soooo much easier when there are two of you doing this process.

One week to go!

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(Images: Dabney Frake)

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