Dabney's January Cure: Week Three

Dabney's January Cure: Week Three

Dabney Frake
Jan 23, 2013

I am so back in business this week. My cough cleared up, and I dove headlong into my January Cure activities with gusto. That might be overstating it a bit. I dove headlong into my Cure activities with tempered enthusiasm. Nope, let's call it mild interest.

Day 9: Create a Landing Strip.
Our landing strip keeps expanding. We have wooden crates overflowing with shoes, bags, scarves, and dog gear. Each time we run out of space, we just add a crate. On Day 9 of the Cure, I took out everything we don't use on a daily basis — there were flip flops and sandals from last summer still in there — and I put them up in our bedroom closet where they live full time.

I also have a bad habit of switching up bags and neglecting to fully empty the old one, so I emptied each of my loitering bags of all the change, receipts, and business cards and put those away too. Like Tara, I did find some stuff that was previously missing. Sadly, no badass neon wigs, but I did find my beloved earplugs (for loud shows), and a couple of thumb drives. And socks. Lots and lots of socks.

This is a decidedly unsexy "after" photo. But it's a clean and organized unsexy "after" photo, with stuff consolidated into fewer crates. You can also see part of one of the "window seats" that I've chosen as my goal project. There's another one twice as long along another wall.

Day 10: Work on Your Goal Project.
To get our window seat cushions rolling, Ann and I headed over to our local fabric store to look at options, grab a few swatches, and test out foam thickness. We have Acute Textile Indecisiveness Syndrome (ATIS) so it's a small miracle that we found a few fabrics that both of us like and that could work in our space. Inability to choose fabric is one of those things that pushes our projects back for months upon months, so I'm optimistic that we'll actually complete it this month.

Which reminds me, does the striped one on top look like it's from the Alexander Julian Colours tie collection? Color-wise it totally works in here, and I like the idea of stripes, but we're worried it's a little too much like an office park.

Day 11: Media Fast.
Epic fail.

Day 12: De-clutter Books and Media.
I have boxes and boxes of books downstairs that I haven't unpacked since we moved here four(!) years ago. We just don't have any bookshelves yet, and therefore no space for a million and one books to live. And so stay in the basement they shall. Similarly, physical CDs or DVDs are packed away down there too — everything we use on a daily basis is digital. But! This was a good reminder to back up to my external hard drive. I'm terrible about doing it on a regular basis and need a swift kick to remind me every once in awhile. Thank you January Cure!

Day 13: Weekend Chores: Flowers and Bedroom Cleaning.
We have two problem areas in the bedroom: 1) our clothes are everywhere; and 2) can you guess the second? After four years Friday the bloodhound decided to claim our bed. She never cared about being up there before, but now we have bedding that's perpetually covered in dog hair. We keep a baby gate up there to deter her (she hates it), but we sometimes forget.

So this week I stripped the bed, did loads of laundry, actually folded the clean laundry, and vacuumed the room. I can't say I cleaned the ceiling fan, but I still feel good about what did get done.

Until next week, fellow cleaners. Thanks for keeping me honest.

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