Do DVDs for Cats Really Work?

Do DVDs for Cats Really Work?

Bethany Seawright
Jan 11, 2013

I've mentioned before that we have a year-old kitten at my house. And unlike his much older feline housemate, the kitten seems occasionally interested in the TV. He also has a lot of energy, and is very attentive to any wildlife he encounters on the patio (squirrels, birds, bugs, etc.). Which has led me to wonder: would a DVD for cats entertain him, as well?

I did a cursory bit of research online and found that there are several versions available, each with varying reviews. It seems most people buy cat DVDs to keep their feline friends from becoming lonely while they're gone all day. Some pet owners swear by the DVDs, while others claim that their cats ignored them completely. I suppose that, as with many other situations, it depends upon the cat. My friend Alice, says the DVDs held her cats at rapt attention (as evidenced by the photo she took, above). Yet her sister had no luck at all with them. (Alice's recommendation was to try out a YouTube video on your cat before investing in a DVD.) Good advice!

What do you think? Have you ever tried playing a DVD for your cat? What was your experience? Are there any particular ones that you would recommend?

(Image: Alice Dailey, used with permission)

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