Do You Know Your Mother's Phone Number?

Do You Know Your Mother's Phone Number?

Elizabeth Giorgi
Oct 10, 2012

Last week I went to see comedian Louis CK and he had a great bit about the fact that he no longer remembers his mother's phone number. I have to admit — I don't either. It seems memorizing phone numbers has become a thing of the past, but is this a good thing?

The majority of us now store our most precious contact information in our cell phones, and it's rare to encounter someone who still uses a physical address book. This new method is time-saving when you need to call up an old colleague for lunch, but what about those critical numbers? The ones you would have dialed up weekly if not for technology replacing brain space? Or the ones you would call in case of emergency?

Here are three numbers you should memorize, and three non-mobile places you should be storing a copy.

Everyone should memorize:

  1. Their emergency contact's number

  2. Their parents' number (this could be the same as your emergency contact)

  3. Their workplace phone number

You should keep a copy of these numbers:

  1. In your wallet or purse

  2. In your desk or in a prominent location on your computer

  3. With your emergency contact

In case of emergency, you should be able to spout your mother and emergency contact's phone number without any thought. When your phone battery dies and you need to make a call, you should be able to pick up a pay phone or borrow a cell and be able to refer to your handy slip of numbers in your wallet.

And if all else fails, come up with a catchy tune.

(Images: Elizabeth Giorgi)

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