Electric Scooter Sharing: SCOOT

Electric Scooter Sharing: SCOOT

For the past several years I've dealt with a terrible problem: when the weather gets warm, I long to zip around the city on a scooter. They're perfect for quickly getting around and use very little gas. Unfortunately, for a four-seasons city like Chicago, they're not useful year-round, and I'm terribly paranoid about it getting stolen. But this new Zipcar and bike sharing inspired program, Scoot, could be the perfect solution!

Scoot Networks recently launched an electric scooter sharing system in San Francisco. The electric scooters, which are quieter and more efficient than their gas-fueled counterparts, and can get up to 30 MPH, are available to use with a monthly membership or for a single-use rate. Users can locate nearby scooters with their smartphone, which will unlock the vehicle, dock in it, and provide mapping and speed information.

The program will first be available as corporate fleets, and then for public use, with docks at hundreds of public transit stations by the end of the year. If all goes well, fleets will be provided across the US. To find out more and sign up for membership info, visit Scoot Networks.

via Grist, FastCo

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