Jump In: Even a Little Closet Clearing Goes a Long Way

Jump In: Even a Little Closet Clearing Goes a Long Way

Janel Laban
Jan 22, 2015
(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

This year, I gave the January Cure a bit of its own medicine and cleaned house. I rearranged and retired some of the old chores, freshened up the mix and added some new assignments, such as the one for today: some dedicated time to focus on ONE closet in your home. It doesn't have to be the super scary "worst" one (unless you are feeling extra brave on this particular Thursday) and you aren't aiming for perfection ("better" is the goal), but you should spend some time today straightening up the closet of your choice. This is one area where all efforts make a difference and even a little bit of attention goes a loooong way.

Today's Assignment

Similar to the Pantry Purge or Drawer Cleanout, this is about improving ONE specific, contained area of your home. It can be a linen closet, a coat closet, your main wardrobe closet - whatever appeals to you. If you have just a little time to spend, go for the one that feels most do-able and just give it a quick polish. If you are raring to go, tackle the biggest monster. Whatever you choose, keep it to one closet only - you have the rest of the year to hit up more.

The point is: JUST JUMP IN and don't worry about how far you'll get or whether it will be "finished" today. Go in armed with an outbox, a trash bag and a vacuum and do your best. Even 15 minutes spent on straightening, decluttering and dust-bunny hunting will make a noticeable dent!

Let us know which closet and how it's going in the comment thread - we're all in this together (I'm going to go through my OOC "off season" closet - yikes).

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