Look! Flower Curtain for a Spring Party

Look! Flower Curtain for a Spring Party

Susie Nadler
Mar 30, 2009

After spotting this beautiful "window treatment" the other day on Poppytalk, we couldn't stop thinking about how to do something similar for party we're planning in May. The designer, Gunnar Kaj, used amaryllis, a winter bloom, since this was actually a holiday display, but as Poppy points out, a spring flower like tuberose would be equally lovely, amazingly fragrant, and hardy enough not to wilt right away (as this is clearly a very short-term display). Click through for a few of our ideas about how to achieve this look...

The first thing that comes to mind as far as what to use for the "chain" is the string of pearls plant. This is one of our favorite house plants, and we're always trying to think of ways to put it to use in flower arrangements. Its "strings" would be perfect for the curtain treatment; you could easily knot and wind them around the stem of a flower, using straight pins or floral wire to hold the connection in place if necessary. String of pearls would be beautiful in combination with almost any spring bloom: tulips would work, or even the decadent peony.

For a more unusual texture, what about trying the flower of a palm tree? We love the strange, alien quality of this bloom; it would be interesting combined with a spiky, less traditional flower like a protea. Florists who carry out-of-the-ordinary plant material should be able to source these for you. Since the palm flowers aren't as flexible as string of pearls, you'll need floral wire and pins for sure to make it work.

Once we try this project at home, we'll be sure to report back!

(Via Poppytalk)

Photos: Hus & Hem; Dallas Morning News; Flickr member emdot, licensed under Creative Commons

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