Free Rainwater Kit and Sniffing Lemons

Free Rainwater Kit and Sniffing Lemons

Gregory Han
Jul 27, 2009

Here are some miscellaneous links to other great blogs, including posts about free Rainwater Harvesting kits being given out to help reduce run-off pollution, a discussion about an ideal, sustainable Los Angeles, a website for those obsessed with stationery and office supplies, and a reminder to stop and smell the...lemons?

LA Rainwater Harvesting Program: apply for a FREE Rainwater Harvesting installation where you can save money on your water expenses and join your community in preserving the environment. The installation and equipment costs for this project are worth up to $250, but they will be provided at NO COST to you for this pilot program.

Old Ideas that Should Be New Again...and Other Dreams for L.A.: Monorail? Solar hot water on every roof? Courtyard housing? Shared green spaces? Natural hot spring community bathhouse? Architects Ian McIlvaine and Victoria Yust, of Tierra Sol y Mar, will present a few projects, still in their very early stages, that incorporate these old, yet still forward-thinking, ideas. Small steps that could make Los Angeles not only a more sustainable place to live, but a more pleasant one.

Office Supply Geek: The name of the blog says it all...for those passionate about stationery and red staplers. Described as such: "I find myself obsessively fascinated by office supplies, especially pens, fountain pens, and notebooks.  I'm in my early 30s and work in the financial services and insurance industry, I think the extreme boredom in my business life is what prompted the obsession with the small things at my desk that make the day a little more enjoyable."

Stopping to smell the lemons can help reduce stress: Take some time today to make some freshly squeeze lemonade and take a sniff of those lemons...they might help bring down your stress levels.

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