Geco: Solar Powered Robot Cleans Windows

Geco: Solar Powered Robot Cleans Windows

Range Govindan
Aug 12, 2009

If there's one thing that frustrates us it's cleaning windows. Don't get us wrong, the glass on the inside is easy to clean, but a lot of us live in condos or apartments, making it impossible to clean the outside windows. Sure, these will be cleaned by the landlord at some point, but wouldn't it be cool to just be able to clean them anytime?

Even though your Roomba might be dead or dying, the Geco will take up cleaning the windows from the outside. This is definitely something that people with homes that have gigantic windows will appreciate. Sure, these windows look stunning, but they are a hassle to clean. Not all of these windows are easily accessible. The Geco can get at them with no trouble. Geco was created by the Australian designer Syndey Avila for the Electrolux Design Lab. It's a circular shaped robot that has an advanced micro fiber ring which spins to clean windows.

Now that sounds just dandy, but the next bit is pure science-fiction. The robot uses nano-technology to adhere to glass. It can also blend into the background using simple patterns. It's also solar-powered. Avila thinks that these types of robots might be really useful, since a lot of new buildings use a lot more glass than before. It's a great idea, but we hope that these 'bots could be actually made for real, using something else than nano-technology. For some reason, we are reminded of the pumps that move around in pools to clean up the mess. We guess that the same kind of suction principle could work for a robot cleaning windows, however it wouldn't be cordless and if the suction fails, it would fall to the ground or break the windows it's trying to clean.

[via Cribcandy]

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