Outfitting Yourself Mission Impossible Style

Outfitting Yourself Mission Impossible Style

Jason Yang
Jan 4, 2012

The holiday box office has been a smash, led by Tom Cruise in his vehicle for career recovery, Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. Brad Bird's live-action directorial debut (he's responsible for The Incredibles, Ratatouille and The Iron Giant) is quite good, but even better is the extraordinary of amount of tech used in the movie. Companies like Apple and BMW made the movie seem like a big commercial at times, but the film does offer some of the more extraordinary tech that made the viewers go, "that can't be real!". But surprisingly, much of it is real...and available.

From their ultimate man cave on a train (yes, we said on a train) to their surveillance vehicles and even on their bodies, technology permeated the entire storyline of this film:

Macs, Macs, and Dell Servers
Why is it the good guys always seem to use Mac laptops and the bad guys have big server rooms full of Dell servers? MI4 is chock full of MacBook Pro and Air laptops.

Everyone's got an Apple iPhone in MI4, but not just a regular iPhone - one that can connect to facial-recognition contact lenses, use peripherals designed to hack electronic locks, and generally perform tasks with apps that Apple would never allow in their App Store!

Sunglasses Tom Cruise sports a pair of Oakley Wind Jacket sunglasses made for high altitude climbers and other athletes.

Gecko Gloves
The Washington Post did a piece featuring former Delta Force commander Peter Blaber who says that magnetic gloves are in fact based in reality and "are pretty effective when used on steel buildings, even allowing you to climb upside down."

Portable Printer
A wireless portable printer plays a pretty key part in a pivotal scene, and it's actually pretty straight forward. There are lots of compact printers available, you could easily do this yourself right now.

Robotic Rover
Robots are old hat. They serve police bomb squads, search and rescue missions, and many other useful purposes, including cleaning our homes in the form or Roombas and Mints!

Aside from hijacking a BMW convertible, Tom Cruise shows up at the party with a concept BMW i8. Who says Tony Stark/Iron Man is the only one with a cool ride. You can't yet drive the i8, but the rest of the BMW lineup is pretty swank.

Check out these online resources for even more cool tech from MI4, including facial recognition contact lenses and holographic screens.

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