Getting Real: Projects Aren't Always Pretty

Getting Real: Projects Aren't Always Pretty

Jessica Tata
Jan 20, 2012

Reading through my favorite design blogs can create a sense of inferiority in even the most talented and ambitious homesteader. My online peers seem to be the most design-savvy, motivated and ingenious folks in the world--they have the prettiest homes, eat the most delicious food, wear the best outfits, and manage to blog about it regularly on their super stylish blog! But it's time to get real for a minute.

For purposes of this post, I'm going to make a declarative sentence that I actually can't prove, but that I'm pretty sure is true. No one has it completely together!

I was reading one of my favorite one of the aforementioned blogs, Young House Love, and gained the utmost respect for Sherry, the writer. In one of her latest posts, The Real $herdog, she elaborates on all of the ways in which her life is actually real, in spite of the glossy finish that is cast upon it within the framework of her blog. She feels that "a blog that's only about the good kind of feels like it's only telling half of the story" and continues to talk about some of the tribulations that regular old folks face that tend to get eschewed by bloggers. I love this.

Designing your home can be a huge task. Tackling DIY projects can take a lot of time and be very messy. Lives tend not to allow for constant perfection, and the world can take over. I think these are all things to remember as we strive to achieve happiness with ourselves and our spaces.

Inspired by Sherry's open and authentic perspective, I'm taking a moment to get real and remind myself that:

  • I cannot do all of the projects.

  • Imperfection makes way for personality and character.

  • At the end of the day, it's how my home makes me feel that truly matters!

  • Creating a messes along the way is proof that I'm alive and active doing things.

  • Sometimes closing the door is just as good as cleaning!

  • My relationship with my fiance is more important than how much I detest wall hanging that he loves and insists upon.

  • I'll get to it later! Really!

Go check out her full article---it's great. She's a real person with a real family and a real pretty house. But she's also got that messy playroom that doesn't make it on to the blog with all of her DIY triumphs and remodeling successes. And for that, I love Shelly and her blog even more.

What are your favorite bits of advice for maintaining sanity in your decor aspirations?

(Images: Young House Love)

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