Building with Hemp: Hemcrete by Tradical

Building with Hemp: Hemcrete by Tradical

Trent Johnson
Aug 31, 2009

Yet another use for hemp! Hempcrete, a bio-composite building material made by Tradical — containing little more than hemp, lime and water — is carbon negative, completely recyclable and incredibly versatile ...

The potential uses for Tradical's Hempcrete include roof insulation, wall construction and flooring. It's waterproof, fireproof, insulates well and does not rot above ground. The catch? The variety of hemp that Hemcrete made from is not currently legal for production in the U.S., but it is produced in the UK. While it's making its way over to the U.S. in limited quantities, the price places it at a premium.

How is it carbon negative?

Hempcrete is made from hemp, lime and water. While lime (what makes concrete work) does create CO2, the process of growing and harvesting hemp "locks away" more CO2 than is released in the production of lime. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, 38% of all CO2 emissions in the U.S. come from buildings. The use of hempcrete in wall construction, flooring or roof insulation would be a great way to contribute to zero footprint buildings.

Checkout Tradical for more information.

Tradical Hempcrete via Inhabitat

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