7 Daily Home Habits That Will Boost Your Creative Energy

7 Daily Home Habits That Will Boost Your Creative Energy

Caroline Biggs
Nov 8, 2018

Creativity starts at home. That's why it's important to know what kinds of things you can do around the house to get your creative juices flowing.

We called on two of our favorite creative experts: Rahti Gorfien, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and ACCG at Creative Calling Coaching and Danielle Raine, a U.K.-based creativity coach for advice on everyday habits that can help improve our creativity from the privacy of our own place, and they had lots to share. Read ahead for seven simple ways to keep your right brain sharp when at home.

1. Declutter (whenever you can)

"Clearing out and organizing your stuff at home helps make room for new things—and new ideas." Raine explains, "Not only will it reduce visual distractions, cleaning up around your house can boost your physical energy and in turn, spark your creative endeavors."

2. Carve out a creative space

If you ask Gorfien, it's important to have a unique space at home that you can be creative in. "Your creative space doesn't have to be an entire room," she says, "but having a distinct area for yourself to be creative is important. Whether you use a room divider to section off an area of your studio apartment or a curtain for a corner in your bedroom, having a designated space for introspection will only help focus your creative work."

3. Let your muse decorate

"Creativity is highly personal," Raine says, "So you should take care to surround yourself with art and decor that inspires you at home. Regardless of what's on trend, filling your space with uplifting items—books, photography, and anything else that excites your creative spirit—will help enhance your creativity and imagination."

4. Do something stimulating

"There are different ways to create," Gorfien explains. "While some people are cognitive, others are more kinesthetic. So a good way to get your creative thoughts flowing is to engage in a simple, but stimulating, activity such as washing the dishes or jumping on the treadmill to jumpstart your brain."

5. Move stuff around

"Because our minds quickly adapt to our surroundings, switching up your interior can make a big impact when trying to refocus you creative energy," says Raine, "Try moving furniture around your apartment to force yourself to look at things in a new and different light—the fresh atmosphere (and thought behind it) is sure to inspire your creativity."

6. Listen to music

According to Gorfien, a little music can go a long way when it comes to time to get creative. "Music effects us on a cellular level," she explains, "Even if you're not in a creative mood, music can still appeal to your auditory senses—so have a power playlist or ambient soundscape ready to listen to at home whenever you need a bit of a creative push."

7. Look outside

Believe it or not, Raine says that simply looking out of a window can be highly effective when trying to access the creative part of your brain. "Gazing out the window, if even for a minute, can help focus your attention and relax your body at the same time," she explains. "This heightened-but-relaxed state is renowned for sparking new insights and ideas, so place a comfy chair by a window with a good view and forge your very own creativity-boosting zone at home."

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