How To Disagree About Decor (Without Breaking Up)

How To Disagree About Decor (Without Breaking Up)

Jennifer Hunter
Jan 17, 2015

If you're living with someone, then you know the delicate dance that is decorating to please both of you. So just what do you do when you love everything about your person, except his or her style? Here's our unconventional advice.

Don't compromise.

What!?! That's right. You may have heard that good relationships are all about compromise. Lies!

Picture this: you're standing in a furniture store on a Saturday afternoon debating the merits of a certain dresser. Your beloved loooves it; you don't. Other shoppers are jostling you; all around you children are whining as your discussion gets more and more tense and heated. Sounds stressful, right? Not so much fun?

It may be tempting to go back to the last dresser you looked at — the one you both kinda liked. The dresser that would sort of satisfy both of you. Don't do it!

Do you really want to live with something that isn't what anyone really wants? Wouldn't it be better to say, "Okay, my darling, let's get the one you love." while knowing that the next time, you'll get to buy the thing that's truly your style?

Do it this way and instead of filling your home with mediocre, good-enough stuff, you'll wind up with a well-rounded mix of decor — even if you each individually love different parts of it. And, just like your person's quirks, you'll learn to live with (and maybe even love) the rest of it.

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