How To: Keep Floors Clean

How To: Keep Floors Clean

Sarah Coffey
Sep 3, 2009

We dread vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping, but in our quest to avoid these tasks, we've found a few ways to keep our floors cleaner for longer. In our experience, a little preventative care goes a long way towards cutting down on cleaning time...

  • Stop dirt at the door. Much of the mess that gets tracked over floors comes from outdoor dirt and grime that clings to your shoes. Designate a place near the door where you can take off your shoes and change into house slippers.
  • Cut down on clutter. Dust tends to build up under furniture and along edges, so tightly packed furniture arrangements and floors covered in stuff will collect dust more quickly. If you maintain some open space around your furniture and keep things off the floor, it will be easier to clean and it will stay cleaner longer.
  • Spot clean. Thoroughly clean up spills when they happen, so that stains don't get worse over time. For carpet stains, we use a Bissell spot cleaner, but you can also use club soda on a fresh stain. Once the area is dry, sprinkle baking soda onto the spot, let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum. For hardwood floors, use a dry towel to soak up spills, then clean the spot with a wood floor cleaner.
  • Different types of floors require different types of cleaning. Carpet is a sponge for dust, and needs to be vacuumed about once a week. A deep cleaning every 12-18 months will also help. Hardwood floors and tile can be swept and mopped every two weeks. If you have pets or kids, you'll probably need to clean your floors a little more often.

Photo: Surshe NW Rug from the Rug Company

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