From Golden Girls to Carrie Bradshaw: Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde's Famous Floorplans

From Golden Girls to Carrie Bradshaw: Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde's Famous Floorplans

Tess Wilson
Mar 8, 2013

One of my favorite parts of a recent post, Classic NYC Pads on TV: How Realistic Are Your Favorite Shows?, were the comments, with people saying things like, "Thank goodness these apartments are just as expensive/unrealistic as I always thought they were!" Now, thanks to a talented artist, we can fully appreciate how vast Carrie Bradshaw's apartment was ... and how much I want to move in with the Golden Girls.

I admit it: I love floorplans! I love seeing how spaces fit together, probably because I have difficulties fitting them together in my head. The set-up of Carrie's apartment is particularly ingenious, as it seemed like a fairly compact space. I would still love to get square footage estimates for all these famous homes, but the sneak peek into the layout is plenty of fun for now. Lizarralde has also done the Friends apartments, Lucy and Ricky's home (in black and white, appropriately), and the Gilmore Girls' house! I always wondered what was upstairs- it's a big ground floor, but they only ever mentioned Lorelai's bedroom being upstairs. I must quibble, however: in the episode in which the Independence Inn burned down, Lorelai lets guests stay in her room, Rory's room, and on the couch, forcing Lorelai to stay at Luke's (!!) and Rory at Lane's. However, this floorplan shows a second bedroom upstairs, and I am a nerd.

One of the commenters on Design Taxi put forth that the bathrooms on Will & Grace would have actually been next to each other to allow them to be combined into one big bathroom- any other points of contention in the other floorplans? Any other fictional homes you'd love to see done?

Check out all of these and more of Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde's prints on deviantART.

Via: Design Taxi

(Images: deviantART)

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