Inspiration: Edelweiss If All Desktops Could Look Like This

Inspiration: Edelweiss If All Desktops Could Look Like This

Range Govindan
Jul 2, 2009

One of the reasons that people are buying less desktops is basically because of the way that they look. Most desktops are just plain boxes of plastic, that are best hidden underneath your desk. Tangled wires erupt from the front and back, and depending on how neat you are or if you have implanted some kind of wire management system, there might be quite a few wires lying around. It's not hard to see that people like having all of that messy stuff crammed into a neat little laptop.

However, what if not all desktop computers looked like gray boxes? What if they were actually pieces of art? Then people wouldn't have to hide them away. They could be put on a pedestal and admired. Well, maybe not a pedestal, but you get the idea. That's what we were thinking when we first saw The Edelweiss desktop computer. Everything is neatly organized and put away. This design is based upon letting the insides be put outside. The internal working of the computer are exposed to the light of day. On top of the usual fans, we can see a liquid cooling system.

This incredible looking computer was designed by Pius Giger from Switzerland. There isn't much information around, but we've been able to find that this is actually a white colored rebuild from a computer he designed in 2006. This new version includes thermal-cake level 11 cooling technology, perfect for overclocking the system. There are no real details on the specs, but honestly we don't really care. It looks like a piece of art, sculpted from metal and glass. We just wish that all desktops look like this. A while ago, we heard about a BMW-designed desktop computer. We can see how parts of that design were inspired from this one, since The Edelweiss was first built in 2006. In all honesty, The Edelweiss looks a lot better than that paltry BMW one! [via TechEBlog, photos by MDPC]

BMW's Level 10 Desktop Computer Design

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