Is Organic Milk Really Better?

Is Organic Milk Really Better?

Amber Byfield
Aug 11, 2009

We scrutinize every little thing we eat or drink these days: shopping trips that used to include impulse buys of cheese-flavored chips or sodas now shun those HFCS-laden goods and turn instead to all organics and local products when possible. So it goes without saying that we buy organic milk. But we've heard it might not be all it's cracked up to be...

We appreciate the benefits of organic milk for the environment: there are no growth hormones, and the milk comes from cows that are (one hopes) treated more humanely than their non-organic counterparts--plus, we think it tastes better. However, we've read that processing organic milk involves higher temperatures, which can kill some of the good bacteria.

That said, the risks associated with ingesting milk from cows given growth hormones sound...more terrifying than not getting all of one's healthy enzymes for the day.

We read up on a few sites and came to the conclusion that organic milk is best for us. What about you?

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