Luxury in Every Room: Where and How to Indulge Yourself This Year

Luxury in Every Room: Where and How to Indulge Yourself This Year

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 17, 2015

You deserve the very best. And you know what? Treating yourself on a regular basis is the best way to keep your spirits flying high all year. So go ahead, indulge. Here are our picks for the best ways to revel in luxury in every room of the house.

In the bedroom

Indulge in good sheets! The kind of sheets that you love diving into, sleeping in all night and hate having to crawl out of! Good sheets don't just have to be for luxury hotels; you can find affordable sets for use everyday.

In the living Room

First of all, use your living room for living — more than just TV watching. And add to the enjoyment of using this room by filling it with a few just-for-you treats that would be something you really love, like a great candle with a scent you can't get enough of, a tea kettle and tea cup set you love serving yourself with, or perhaps a stylish little boombox to play your favorite tunes out of. And then make sure you use them! And not just every now and then, try almost every day. A great resource for ideas for treats? Maxwell's Daily Finds!

In the dining room

Get yourself some great seats! You always forget how uncomfortable some dining room chairs can be after you've sat in them for awhile. So splurge on a new set of chairs you'll want to lounge in long after the plates are scraped clean. Too late to buy a whole new set? Add softness to the seats with sheepskin throws, instead.

In the bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a more spa-like space for a room that will be a luxury to indulge in. Have your favorite products laid out in lovely bottles, install a better showerhead, add nice towels to the mix or all of it!

In the kitchen

Make an intentional display for your favorite consumable treats so that when you do indulge, you're celebrating it, not sneaking it out of a package hidden in the back of your pantry! Having it on display might seem like a way to sabotage your diet, but we think it's the opposite. By giving yourself permission to treat yourself every now and then you're taking away the "can't have it, must have it!" aura. So set up a spectacular hot chocolate station. Bake a pie and display it on an adorable glass-domed cake stand all week.

In the outdoor area

Make it feel like an extension of your living room, even if you just take stuff outside to enjoy and bring back in when you're done. So pull out the throw pillows, the throw blankets the candles and then bring a few of those edible treats out there, too!

How are you indulging yourself this year? Where will you be adding luxury to your home in 2015?

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