Making Household Chores Fun: Chore Wars

Making Household Chores Fun: Chore Wars

Gregory Han
Jul 30, 2009

Yesterday over at Apartment Therapy, one of the most vibrant discussions was about household chores and maintaining an equitable amount of tasks between spouses or roommates. This isn't always the most fun of schedules to stick to...unless you're playing Chore Wars!

What is Chore Wars, you ask, my WOW-loving but chore ignoring peon? Chore Wars is an online "game" where participants earn experience points for household chores. By getting other people in your house or workplace to sign up to the site, you can assign experience point rewards to individual tasks and chores, and see how quickly each of you levels up. Experience points are tracked both as weekly high-score charts, and as ongoing character sheets - every time you rack up 200XP of chores, your character gains a "level", and their class changes to match the type of chores that they've been doing.

Perfect for a nerd who grew up playing D&D and RPG games like myself. Though I actually fancy vacuuming and cleaning, unlike most of my 20-sided die loving party. Sign up to slay household chores and enjoy the spoils of Chore Wars here.

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