Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: Floors - #2

Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: Floors - #2

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 4, 2013

Name: Maxwell & Ursula
Type of Project: Light renovation of a rental apt
Location: Soho, NYC
Type of building: Two bedroom apartment

Things are moving slowly, as I'm piecing things together on a tight budget, but this week shows how powerful it is to care for your floors. The base of any good home is a healthy shell and the floors get the most wear. If I were to try to hide the bad floors it would haunt this home forever. If you look at the last installment where the floors were undone, you can see how raw and low energy it felt then. Now the floors are clean and sharp and the walls look better too.

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From Maxwell:

To quickly give this space new energy, I redid all the floors as efficiently as possible with refinishing and carpet. I prefer well sanded wood floors in general, but carpeting is great for bedrooms. I also like to go dark with my floors as it makes walls seem taller, is warmer and provides for more contrast when you lay rugs and furniture on top of it. After laying down this warm, dark layer, I'll follow up with lighter and more colorful layers, which will also add to the depth and richness of the space.

The Wood Floors:

Vincent Devaney ( did the floors and he's been a great resource for me (he's done floors for me for almost ten years) with quick service and a good price. What you're seeing is
a. Sand
b. Stained with a waterbased analyne die
c. Stained with a mix of ebony and coffee brown penetrating stain
d. Finished with Basic Coatings Streetshoe Satin waterbased polyurethane

The Carpeted Bedrooms:

I like to carpet bedrooms for softness and better, quieter acoustics. I went to ABC Carpet and found the cheapest warm, beefy wool I could find. It's a 100% wool BERBER TAUPE.

The Kitchen Floor:

The tile in the kitchen was old and cracked and dispiriting, so I asked Vincent if he could cover it. He said he could with some leftover wood he had from a shoe store he did recently. It's not a big piece of floor, but the difference is tremendous. Now only the bathroom floor is still a bit sad, but I'm hoping I can clean it up and it will get by.

This week I start work on removing some kitchen cabinets, the counter and reconfiguring the closet space in the two bedrooms. Dirty work for the next week or two and then putting back in a new countertop, commercial metal open shelving and new storage.

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