Meet Jill Green Of Homemade By Jill

Meet Jill Green Of Homemade By Jill

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 17, 2009

Last week we kicked off our Big Blog Family feature and this week we're proud to introduce to you Jill Green from Handmade By Jill. Her blog is packed full of fabulous crafts and tutorials that she puts together for her readers...

Name: Jill Green
Location: As of very recently, Santa Barbara, CA
Website: Homemade By Jill
Kids: Oscar, 10 months old (as of Saturday!)

...She's a jack-of-all-trades and has recently made the large move from New York City to the West Coast. We had a chance to ask her a few questions about her site, likes and dislikes and inspirational resources. Check out her answers and get a glimpse into her blog below!

How long have you been blogging?: Almost 3 years.

Why did you start?:
To both keep a record of my craft projects, since they were generally sent away as gifts and to show my mom what I was up to.

What do you think your kids will think when they're old enough to understand?
I think Oscar will be proud of his momma to see all the things I've created. I pray he will forgive me for all the times my craft projects have extended past his nap time. And I especially hope that he will like seeing his well-loved homemade toys back when they were brand new. Also, I am crossing my fingers that he won't be embarrassed of all the pictures of him out there on the internet.

The Blogosphere is filled with inspiration, what are some of your favorites?
Besides yours? I have an ever-growing list in my blog reader, but my top three crafty blogs are probably Ric-Rac, CraftPad, and How About Orange. I love One Pretty Thing and Craft Magazine's blog for ideas from all over, and Dooce is my very favorite mom blog.

Do you have any current home design or DIY projects on your to do list?
We just got a new apartment, so I'm excited to revamp Oscar's nursery now that he has double the space, and a closet (which he didn't have in NYC). For my next family project, I am painting a car play mat.

Your website is packed with great tutorials, which one has been your favorite so far?
It's not exactly a tutorial, but I really loved putting together Oscar's quiet book. I provided templates for several pages. I also still like the dresser I made over for his nursery.

Favorite Book: Jane Eyre
Least Favorite Food: Broccoli
Favorite Game To Play In The Car: We like to blow raspberries to music. My baby is a spitter.
Favorite Movie When You Were 15: Probably Dirty Dancing or Troop Beverly Hills.
Favorite Kids TV Show/Movie/Musical Group: Yo Gabba Gabba/Beauty and the Beast, or more recently, Up/still searching for a favorite kids musical group, unless the soundtrack from High School Musical counts!
Least Favorite Kids TV Show/Movie/Musical Group: Dora the Explorer (too shouty)/Pokemon the Movie or anything similar/maybe the Wiggles?

Thanks Jill!
Make sure to check out Jill's latest projects and on-goings over at Homemade By Jill!

Since our inception, we have loved hearing from all of our readers as well as reaching out to several in the blog community. You are mothers, fathers, wives, husbands all writing about your families, style and what makes you tick. To continue fostering this great blogging community, we'll be featuring close-ups of our favorite family and design blogs as part of our "Big Blog Family".

(Images: Jill Green for Homemade By Jill)

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