Modular LED Lighting Links Up Like LEGOs for the Kitchen and Beyond

Modular LED Lighting Links Up Like LEGOs for the Kitchen and Beyond

Gregory Han
Apr 29, 2013

Under-the-counter kitchen lighting can sound pretty ho-hum on paper, but the additional illumination can make a big difference for anyone preparing meals. The Klauf light bar is a multipurpose linear LED lamp with a remote phosphor upgrade (cool to the touch, lower power consumption, warmer color temperature) and a modular design which allows multiple units to be linked together into larger length lights, ideal for installation above or near food prep areas...

As noted in the video above, the Klauf Light Bar is designed as an improvement in nearly every way compared to current lighting options advertised for similar use/setups. The remote phosphor and dimmable LED technology within the Klauf reputedly eliminates the issue of multi-shadowing (next time you're near a LED task lamp, place your hand underneath and note the various shadows produced), while also cutting down energy requirements, and most importantly, producing a pleasant, natural white light ideal for preparing food. 

But wait [in infommercial voice]...that's not all. The Klauf's ace card is its modular design. Each unit has power ports which makes connecting multiple Klauf bars a snap; connected, they only require a single power source. This makes the lighting system not only ideal for long kitchen countertops, but also a lighting option for home offices, garages/workspaces, and shelving systems. 

Klauf Lighting is seeking funding within the next month, and just $35 gets you a 6" Black Klauf, $55 a 12" unit, $90 a set of a 6" and 12" lights, and all the way up to a 30" linked unit if you invest $140. More information available at their Kickstarter page.

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