4 Movie & TV Show Tech Pet Peeves That Drive Us Crazy

4 Movie & TV Show Tech Pet Peeves That Drive Us Crazy

Jason Yang
Mar 8, 2013

Enhance. Enhance. Enhance. See that reflection in the victim's eye of a shadow in a mirror? We've got our killer! Below, we share with you our least favorite movie and TV tech travesties and would love to hear yours.

Enhance This has got to be one of the biggest pet peeves of any TV or movie watching experience where the lab techie sees a potential suspect or detail on a crappy security camera and the lead investigator orders, "enhance" several times until they get close enough and the image suddenly sharpens and the murdered is revealed! While it's true you can get some decent results in enhancement, the best results come from good video sources, and low resolution security cameras most definitely do not provide high quality pictures. CSI is notorious for their almost offensive uses of zoom. We single out CSI: Miami because Horatio Caine meme's are awesome and readily available.

Rotation: When the baddies in Enemy of the State rotate around Will Smith's shopping bag back in 1998 we laughed incredulously at the high tech capabilities. Then the NFL showed up with their EyeVision technology and we said "woah, they can actually do that!" But in reality the NFL system requires 30 cameras with specific set spacing and sophisticated algorithms all working together to give us the ability to rotate a still frame from a video. It's unlikely the lingerie shop had the right equipment to do it but the technology exists and is getting better every day.

Access to every security camera footage: TV and the movies would have us believe that every single security camera in the world is connected to some super network and accessible by law enforcement agencies (and bad guys) anywhere, anytime. London, however, might be a different story - yikes! Deja Vu even managed to twist time while accessing high definition footage from anywhere at all.

Ability to connect to any computer or network: Whether it's over the internet with a great graphic interface built in for those who happen to be trying to hack the system or by simply plugging an unspecified cable directly into a computer or network. Sure, there are back doors and ways to access secure computers and they are hacked all the time, but these developers sure as heck don't program fancy interfaces for you, and chances of there being specific routines and interfaces for your nefarious plans such as shutting down elevators or changing every single traffic light in a planned sequence sounds unlikely. If there are, we'd love to hear otherwise. The Independence Day virus upload was the worst offender of them all.

Share with us your favorite TV show and movie technologies...or perhaps your tech pet peeves below!

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