My Tech Top 10 Curated by Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot

My Tech Top 10 Curated by Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot

Gregory Han
Jan 5, 2012
Eric Nakamura wears many hats: publisher and co-founder of Giant Robot, longtime arbiter of art and culture, gallery/store/restaurant owner, and popular blogger reporting about the unique and unusual from Asia and America. Regularly on the forefront of art, design and pop culture, Eric's Tech Top 10 may surprise you with its mix of new and old...and nary a mention of any robotic companions.

Canon T2i DSLR: It changed the way I do things. I always thought that the great point and shoots were good enough, but they really weren't. The photography with this camera is solid and the video is sharp. This Canon opened a lot of doors and that's what you hope technology will do for you. The lens is a Tamron 2.8 17-50. I used to think a lens like this would suck, but no, it's solid and great. I used to worry about it's non compactness, but you get used to it and it's no big deal to have a camera on you these days. You never know when the alien ship will land and having a camera might be a good idea.

Apple MacBook: I need a new one badly. This might be from 2006 and it's running slower by the day. It's a black MacBook that's maxed out in ram with hard drive space constantly being eaten away. The internal fan sounds like tiny people are inside working away at breaking this machine down with mini chainsaws. There was a time when I'd get a new computer every year. It's been a while now and maybe it's time.

Apple iMac: The ultimate brain. It has multiple hard drives connected to it and it's all networked. It can run Final Cut and is the fastest computer I have. It's no longer new, but it's decent enough and gets much less usage than the MacBook. I don't have a personal affinity towards it like I do other pieces of technology, but it's reliable and there for the using.

Apple iPhone 3GS: After dropping my iPhone 4 outside of Giant Robot after having it for only two weeks, I found out that the non subsidized price is about $600. After pleading my case with the staff at an Apple Store, they let me exchange a broken iPhone 3GS for a refurbished one for $79. That's what I use today. It still works but the nice photos everyone else can take with their 4S make me jealous. Instagram still works and that's always fun. I'm user: giantrobot.

Epson 4800 Printer: The large printer is fun to use. It's 17 inches wide and it prints clean. Of course you always want bigger. Epson makes a printer that goes 44 inches wide but printing wall papers will have to wait. The 8 colors of inks get pricey so it's not a toy.

Hario Coffee Grinder: The payment for good coffee is the road to get there. Luckily I don't have to pick beans or roast them, but grinding them for the pour over is a ritual nearly twice a day. The pour over funnel isn't really tech as is the kettle, measuring cup or coffee filter, but they count too. Having even grinds is a great way to start the day.

XBox 360: Yes, Modern Warfare 3 isn't part of a work day, although sometimes, one ten minute game of mass destruction and annihilation can help clear my mind. I don't like guns but for some reason, I like this game. Thinking about it more, it's the teamwork of the clan that is most enjoyable. Without that, I wouldn't bother. Yes, I'm pretty good. I use the ACR with grenade launcher and ACOG scope and MP9 with a red dot. You can't escape this tandem.

LA Eyeworks Eyeglasses: I'm not blind and people say there's very little prescription in them, but when they're off, things are blurry. I've had nice compliments on them. There's people who threaten to steal these frames from me, but it's not going to happen.

Magic Bullet: When I want something sweet, I try not to eat candy. Instead I blend an array of fruit. No dairy gets in. It's just fruit and ice. I used to think this was a piece of junk and it sat for ages. I have no idea why. Then one day after using it, it's been important. I've even blended maguro to make spicy tuna in it.

O'Keefe and Merrit Stove: It's close to where I sit and it's a pleasure to use this daily. Who needs something brand new when this piece of machinery can do the job just as well? Stoves get old, but fires are the same.

(Photo: by Mathieu Young)

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