Parenting Blog Roundup: Who's Talking About What?

Parenting Blog Roundup: Who's Talking About What?

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 31, 2009

In the world of Parenting blogs this week there's talk about overdosing on ADHD meds, funding for public education, the extreme hype behind back to school shopping, coping with September Mom Syndrome and great tips on doing backyard laundry while the weather's still nice. Want to see where we've been reading?

Need To Clean A Large Amount Of Thrift Store Clothes?
"We have a big box filled with great thrift store finds! But it has been a long while since the whole lot of them have been washed. So we filled up the baby pool with some water and added lots of"...Click over to Pepper Paints to see how easy and interactive it can be to get your laundry done!

More Kids Buzzing On Abuse Of ADHD Drugs
"The pills help them concentrate, stay awake longer and finish their work faster. The kids who take these drugs can impress their parents and teachers and feel a little less different among other kids who don't share their challenges. And if one pill helps, then two or three should ... "Read more on the rapidly rising increase of these scary numbers over at Parent Dish.

Too Much Hype About Back To School Shopping
"I remember my mom taking me back to school shopping when I was in middle school and we got way too many clothes and she spent way too much. I felt like I needed "cool" clothes to fit in and guilty for the price tag. Luckily I think I outgrew that phase by 10th grade..." Read more on this yearly controversy over at My Family Loves It.

Why Should I Pay For Your Child's Education?
"I'll be the first to say public education is not perfect but the alternative of having huge chunks of the population being non-literate is a security issue. The constitution does say "provide for the common defense." I need to know I'm not surrounded by bone stupid people..." Hear more on the controversy on the funding behind public education over at BlogHer.

Cope with September Mom Syndrome (SMS)
"September means back-to-work for mommies. Lunch packing, carpools, music lessons, club sports, homework (where the math sometimes escapes us), and firm media control. And, don't forget your responsibility to volunteer at your child's school(s) -- from room parent duties to bake sales to getting ready for that darned silent auction. Yuck..." Check out 7 ways to cope with being a parents of a back to school child in September over at Mom Logic.

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