Psystar Making Mac Clones, Getting Sued For It

Psystar Making Mac Clones, Getting Sued For It

Taryn Williford
Jul 30, 2009

One of the biggest gripes that the non-Mac-faithful have about the Apple computers is that they're a lot more money than a comparable PC would be. So why doesn't somebody just start making Apple-styled PC computers and sell them with Mac's OS X already installed? Well, because you'll probably get sued. Just ask Psystar...

The aesthetics of a Mac machine are sleek and modern. And once you get used to the operating system, it's quite easy and fun to use. So if it cost less money, would you get a Mac?

It might have been a rhetorical question for a awhile, but Miami-based company Psystar has taken that concept on as their business model. They sell modern PC computers with the Mac operating system installed on them for a fraction of the cost of an Apple machine. And guess what? Apple's not happy; they're suing Psystar.

Apple's Mac OS X End User Licensing Agreement does not allow Mac OS X to be installed on a computer other than an Apple-branded machine Although hackers might pull this one off at home all the time, we wouldn't have recommended you form a business around it.

Psystar's case is that Apple's terms violate U.S. monopoly laws and that Apple grossly overcharges for its hardware.

A formal lawsuit was filed on July 3, and since then Psystar has hired several different lawyers and gone on and offline with their Web site more than once. Looks like somebody's feeling the Mac wrath! Follow the story with Google News.

Via MacWorld

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