Rochelle's January Cure: My Third Week

Rochelle's January Cure: My Third Week

Rochelle Greayer
Jan 25, 2013

I was going to very consciously bail on one of the January Cure tasks this week. Specifically, the one that asks to take a media fast. I rationalized that I just didn't have the time, but then Zippy, my dog, chewed through my computer power cord (for the second time). So my fated but begrudging fast started on Saturday night and continued through Monday mid-day. I know it was good for me, and I should do it again regularly, but I'm still struggling to make up for lost time and subsequently not planning another one soon. At least I was able to take the opportunity to hit the slopes with my family and our boards.

The fast got me thinking a lot about my media usage, even more than I have been already. I have been going through a personal Social Media recoil (for lack of a better term). I'm wanting to dismiss most of Facebook, mostly because the voyeurism and false reality that I find there makes me really wonder about the healthiness of it all. Twitter is too fast paced and gives me a stress headache to try and keep up, so I am left with blogging and Pinterest (which do still make me happy). The media fast was great for reminding me that living without these services is ok, in fact it was once normal, and for me, going without is something I should continue to do as much as I feel like I need to. Shedding is enlightening, though in departing, I have started to truly think that Facebook addiction exists (as in medically) and that lots of people might have it —.and it might be a real social problem in our future.

I also keep wondering if my own re-coil is completely my own or if I might be part of a bigger trend that will lead to even more evolved tools and ways of social interaction. I'm curious, are these tools still as appealing now as maybe they once were? Or are you, like me, finding that they changed your life in ways that you aren't entirely liking?

The task of organizing media and books got us to (mostly) finish the project we started before Christmas. We got bookshelves and with them we are now able to enjoy our books, magazines and pretty things. We still need to add the overhead down-lights and I need to string the electrical and telephone cords through the back, but I feel a real lightness knowing that we don't have a pile of really heavy book boxes sitting over our heads in the attic. To me it literally felt like I'd lost a large amount of weight, or that I had actually taken weight off my shoulders. I guess this is the basis of Feng Shui? Plus, I think this corner went from boring to quite cozy.

I am still working though the piles of papers that get stashed. We have a cabinet in the kitchen dedicated to bills and important stuff that needs to get filed. But the problem is that the files don't really exist, so the 'needs to get filed' pile has overrun the cabinet and frequently spills out onto the counter below. This cleanout is a huge and daunting task (at least to my organizationally-challenged self). I've started, but not finished, but I did fully clean out two purses. They were each bordering on 10+ lb behemoths and were filled with the oddest collections of non-necessities. I have been loosing credit cards and IDs in these messes on a regular basis for years, largely because I haven't (as a grown woman) ever embraced the concept of a wallet. When I was younger, I thought it was old-ladyish and un-spontaneous to have a big clunky wallet, and I used cigarette cases (sparingly) and pockets instead (I thought I was so cool).

But I have long since outgrown those and haven't replaced them with anything. So I am proud to report that I am the new owner of a pretty bright green wallet that I kind of love — and it doesn't seem clunky or old ladyish. I feel so organized. I don't know what I was thinking — I should have done this wallet thing years ago. I also cleaned out those purses, got rid of one entirely (to the outbox!), and now can happily find a method of payment whenever I need it.

(Images: Rochelle Greayer)

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