Roundup: 10 Home Offices We Could Call Home

Roundup: 10 Home Offices We Could Call Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 24, 2009

Home offices are so personal, that when viewing spaces belonging to others, it's not uncommon to say, "Neat, but I'd have to change _____ & _____." We've searched high and low and found 10 great work spaces we could pull up a chair in and get to work. See which ones made the cut and why...

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Tech Tour: Tia and Mikko's Masterplan: Although this desk is missing a few integral things we normally use (tablet, scanner) its so soothing, we're almost willing to give them up.
Close Up: Adam's Sleek Basement Office for Two: We like the idea of being able to close a door on our office, but not many looks utilize this thought and still have a space that's big enough to be truly used. This IKEA hack expands the size of the desk while still leaving room to place your arm on it if needed.
Tech Tour: Geneva Estate Chock Full of Goodies: We currently have a partner desk in our loft now, but this is the one of our dreams. *sigh* Sweet, sweet dreams.
Tech Tour: The SkyHouse: We love the idea of mounting our monitor to the wall. Working with dualing monitors is ok, but wall mounting a monitor to create a larger work area would be peachy!
Behind the Blog: Moderncat's Modern Pad: This home office is more than just a place to check your email. There's actually stuff in it! *gasp* A printer, files, magazines, storage and more, this would be a great place to call home, cats included!
Behind the Blog: Better Living Through Design: This office nook not only has space for electronics, but it has a most beautiful window to remind you of the outside world once in awhile.
Flickr Finds: David's Beautiful Desk: There's an illustrator in our home and finding space for a desk can be challenging enough, but this sleek set up leaves enough room for a drawing table in addition to the computer desk.
Flickr Finds: Portable Workstation, Cabin-Style: We're often on the go and end up using interesting places to get our work done. The gear used in this cabin set up is just enough to get the job done without lugging around extra gear!
A DIY Sleek Desk that Hides All Your Goodies: We like the idea of hiding everything away when it's not in use, even if it's not very often. This is a great example of how to tuck it all away and keep it out of sight.
Behind the Blog: Desire to Inspire: Even though the space is small, the overload of colors in this home office are just fabulous. Its an inspirational place to work and doesn't feel sterile or overbearing.

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