The Delancey Street Moving Company

The Delancey Street Moving Company

Aug 22, 2007

The Delancey Street Moving Company doesn't advertise. They don't need to. Word of mouth is that good.

Part of the amazingly successful, inspiring Delancey Street Foundation, an alternative rehabilitation program run solely by its residents, the moving company is purported to be the best around.

Read the comments on our recent post. And then wander on over to Yelp.

Delancey's hourly rates are $112 for a three-person crew and a truck. They bill in 15-minute increments, charge for bridge tolls, and offer packing services at $35 per hour per person. The company also sells packing materials.

Because of its reputation, the company handles a lot of moves. Two weeks advance notice is suggested for a local change of address. But if you're planning a national move -- yes, Delancey handles cross-country moves -- expect to be a little flexible with your timing since trucks head east, for instance, just a couple of times a month.

The Delancey Street Moving Company also has locations in Los Angeles; San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico; Greensboro, North Carolina; and Brewster, New York.

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