Stocking Up Before Moving: Perverse or Perfectly Sensible?

Stocking Up Before Moving: Perverse or Perfectly Sensible?

Tess Wilson
May 7, 2013

It seems like just yesterday I was bemoaning how much it was going to cost to move my stuff across the country, and yet here I am, still buying more stuff...

Though I'll be moving to the countryside in June, it's not like I'll be stranded in the middle of nowhere, cut off from supplies: there are malls "only" an hour and a half away, and I keep hearing about something called Amazon Prime. But here's the thing: I don't shop at malls, and I rarely shop online. I buy everything used (with the exception of underthings, food, and things you obviously can't buy used). 

San Francisco thrift shops have kept me supplied with all my clothes, shoes, books, magazines, household goods, tools, and craft supplies for years. Thrift shopping has ruined me for regular shopping, so the prices at supposedly affordable places like Target, IKEA, and Walmart appall me (and are too high for my budget). I get by because I can buy presentable clothes and useful items at teeny-tiny fractions of their usual cost. What am I going to do if I have to pay full-price? Buying things used and shipping them for 49ยข/lb still works out to be cheaper.

And so, I'm stocking up. Not splurging, not spending very much, just trying to cover all my bases. I found a few thick, cute, and dirt-cheap sweaters perfect for Midwestern winters, a warm, durable jacket for hikes and chopping wood, a dressy wool coat, a pair of kitchen clogs for work, and I'm stockpiling sundresses like there's no tomorrow โ€” they weigh nothing, cost $6/each, and are essential for hot Illinois summers. It's been hard to resist buying tons of used books (especially since I found out there's no local library and I'll have to pay to have access to the closest one), but have stopped myself since I have an online source for used books, Better World Books. I still hold out hope that I'll find a gorgeous Heath Ceramics platter for $8 at Community Thrift, knowing that it โ€” or a similar treasure โ€” won't make a big difference in my overall packing but will make a wonderful difference in my new home.

In the months leading up to a move, did you cut yourself off from making new purchases? Or, like me, did you do the opposite?

(Image: Marianne's Playful Vintage Mix in Melbourne)

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